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Laser Tag Briefing

The Ready Room is where players get their vest, headset and phaser. The vest is placed over the head and fastened with the straps on the side. The headset is worn straight up and down on the head. Unclip the phaser and you are ready to play.

The object of the game is to get more points than the other team. One point is earned when you deactivate a player, one point is earned when hitting a sentry and 5 points are earned when hitting the base.

The first thing every player must do at the start of a laser tag game is Energize. There are 6 Energizers in the arena, three for the red team and 3 for the green team. Energize by holding the phaser about 12 inches from the red light on the front of an Energizer. The light will change to yellow and the player will hear the charging sound in the headset. Leave the Energizer as soon as the charging sound is heard. There is a 2 second Energizing Shield that enables a player to find a hiding spot. The Energizing Shield prevents the player from firing and from getting hit.

To deactivate a player, aim for the lights on the headset or down the barrel of the phaser. The headset sensors are located on the left and right side of the headset on both the front and the back. The phaser sensors are located down the barrel. You will know if a player has been deactivated when the lights on the Headset repeatedly flash red and green. Pulsing Headset lights indicate a player that is out of the game. When you are tagged you will hear an explosion. After you have been deactivated your Headset will say Energize. You must report to an Energizer to get back in the game.

The Base can only be hit when the Base police beacon is on. This police beacon will turn on every 10 seconds and remain on for about 3 seconds. The small blinking red light in the center is the target. A loud siren will activate when the Base is hit earning your team 5 points.

A Sentry can be hit while it is charging. The charging sound can be heard as a whistling sound. Aim for the yellow light located on the front of the Sentry. Hitting the Sentry earns one point for your team.

Laser Storm is played in a divided arena. Do not move any barriers or barrels and you will remain on your own side. Players are not permitted to cross the dividing wall with any part of their body.

At the end of the game, check in at the Energizer, attach your Phaser to the vest and remember your player number to get your score card.